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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Queen Fit of the Day || Florals X Pleats

Summer is officially over! But says who? 'Cause where I am from summer never starts and summer never ends. This gives me the reason to wear florals and flowy pieces of clothing, day and night, all year round.

Let me share with you the items I wore today. The floral dress which I am wearing as a top is a thrifted item which I got for just 50 php. The lavender electric pleats skirt is another thrifted item which I got for 50 php. And for my footwear, a lovely pair of camel gladiator sandals which I got downtown for just a 100 peso. 

The weather was lovely this afternoon. The sun was shining so bright which makes it a perfect lighting for some #QueenFitoftheDay snaps.

I posted this photo on Instagram and captioned it with: "Let's play a game and I'll call it FIND MY DOUBLE CHIN. Game? Game!"

How about you? What's your ootd story? Whatever it is always remember that THEY DON'T HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU DIDN'T SPEND.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Queenie Fit of the Day || Floral Granny Pants + Granny Glasses

How are you guys? How's life been treating you lately? I hope everything's going well and everyone's been  treating you fairly. Life has been tough and adulting is so hard. I never knew how hard adulting was not until I started assuming more responsibilities at home. Well, I don't do domesticated household stuff like cleaning, cooking, washing, etc but I've been taking care of our bills.
God! I never knew it takes that much of your finances. Shit! But yeah... Got no choice.

Work has been taking so much of my time, as well. Not that I am complaining because I chose this. I want to be productive rather than remain stagnant during my idle hours in the morning and I want to earn more because my goal before this year ends is to go to the most beautiful places, especially beaches here in the Philippines.

Anyway, enough of this unnecessary ranting about life and being an adult because it's totally useless. The main purpose of this post is to share my outfit with you guys last Thursday. I was just so tired and lazy to dress up that I decided to wear this laid-back outfit.

Here are a few snaps taken by my co-teacher Shang.


Gray Peplum Top || THRIFTED FOR 50 PHP
Drawstring Granny Pants || THRIFTED FOR 150 PHP380 PHP
Nude Flat Sandals || 150 PHP
Granny Sunnies || @dollfins for 
Casio Watch

Friday, May 5, 2017

MANILA OCEAN PARK (Revisited || 2017)

Finally got the time to finish editing all the video clips I took at Manila Ocean Park. Ocean Park 2010 and 2017 is waaaaaaaaaaay different - structure, price, EVERYTHING! Such a pity my friends and I weren't able to witness the Symphony of lights and sounds since we had to leave for MOA (to take shower and wait for our ride to Ilocos). I will be posting photos and more videos. I guess this will do for now. TOO BUSY ADULTING! LOL

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