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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

1 || One of the countless letters I write but cannot send

I really don't know what kind of sick game life is playing on me. Everytime one aspect of my life gets better, it seems to be different or even worse on the other side. Sometimes I ask myself  why and what have I done to deserve such. Do I really deserve it? It pains me. Every night I sleep with a whole in m heart and wake up leaving tear stains on my pillow. I cry. I cry even in my sleep. I cry even in my dreams. And I continuously ask why.

What is it with people coming into my life and leaving? Why is it that people so dear to me leave me even before they say their goodbyes? I always wonder what's wrong with me. I always wonder how wrong could I possibly be.

Is it because of the way I wear my rainbow-colored hair? Was I too blonde when I had my hair blonde that made you go the other way? Or is it because of my boisterous laughter? Or could it possibly be because of the trendy clothes I wear? I don't know but I never intended to repel you away from me. All I know is I am just being me! Does it hurt you that I am just being me? You can be you, too. I won't even judge.

And here I am again, hopelessly writing a letter that I can't even send.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || Dress Shirt + Gladiator Platforms ♥

How lazy could lazy dressing get? 

I have found the 7 signs of lazy dressing on the web which includes:

* finds comfort in all the casual clothing
* wearing the exact same outfit over and over again
* shopping at a particular shop for easy and comfortable finds
* buys clothes without trying them on- ONE SIZE FITS ALL
* weraing casual dresses and minimal accessories to formal events
* rarely (ALMOST NEVER) get complimented with your outfit
* ALWAYS UNDERDRESSED no matter what 

If you want to g and read further details about lazy dressing you can check it here.

I don't know how you dress lazily, dolls. But when I go to work, this is how I do it. First, stick to a basic color like BLACK. Choose a shirt dress or dress shirt the rests 3 inches above your knee. For my footwear, I didn't settle for a flat slip-ons nor sneakers. I opted for a red and black platform gladiators from my mama. My accessories are even kept at low- key by just wearing a pair of heart- shaped sunnies, a black bag (from mama again), a gold necklace and cuff. And YES, my dress shirt is thrift for only a 150 peso. Such a STEAL! 

Always remember, they don't have to know what you didn't spend.

Glitter kisses,

Queen Fit of the Day || Puritan or Quaker Collars + Black and White ♥

Do you ever go on days where everything just seems so dull, boring, monotonous? And that no matter how hard you try to CHEER YOURSELF, the frown just won't turn right side up. Well, I have and these dull moments open result to duller clothing choices. Chos!

Enough of this melodramatic intro. I actually wanted to wear black and white because I think this combo never goes wrong. You can just go ahead and throw all the black and white stuff and STRUT IT!

Here I am wearing a black doll blouse/ dress with Puritan or Quaker collar paired with a black pair of leggings which are both thrifted. I tied my hair in a messy bun to draw attention to the pretty collars in white. In order to create the illusion of looking tall, I wore a pair of white and beige wedges from a random street bazaar for 550 php and lastly, used my mom's black bag.

What do you think of my outfit? ^^