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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

a1 in CEBU || Here We Come BACK Concert 2016

After 4 years, they finally came back to Cebu for an intimate concert with a trip down the memory lane as they sang a few of the band's greatest hits- LIKE A ROSE, EVERYTIME, HEAVEN BY YOUR SIDE and SAME OLD BRAND NEW YOU to name a few.

I remember my friend Therese, who tagged me an artice from rappler about a1's concert. I thought my fascination with the band has completely died but I was  wrong. I read the article hoping to find links on where to book the tickets. And I was actually hoping that Paul would join this time but didn't. It broke my heart! But he prolly has reasons that none of us would understand. 

They started selling the tickets online days after the announcement and I couldn't contain my excitement. I got my VIP tickets right away. I want to be in the middle row but it was SOLD OUT! 

I just had to get VIP tickets because when I watched the concert in 2001, I couldn't demand the VIP tickets from my folks. But now that I have a job- HELL YEAH! Thanks to my cousin, ate Venus who let me use her CC. 

I arrived really early  at the venue. The concert started at 8 pm but I was already there at 7:30. It didn't start at 8 though. I can't blame them if they didn't start on time. A1 had visited the country a lot of times and I'm pretty sure they have already heard of the so called " FILIPINO TIME".

Yes, I know! I am guilty of FAVORITISM. But what can I do? I really like him and I've always dreamt day and night of being his girlfriend when I was younger. FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES! ♥

The smile of a happy crazy fan. I seriously don't know if that's sweat or shadow. IDC!😂 I was that close to BEN.

I may have gone to watch the concert alone but  I believe it was the best decision ever. Because the moment the concert started, my 13-year-old spirit possessed me and I went craycray. Imagine me screaming, dancing and singing all by myself. And if I tagged someone along, I might be hated for leaving her 'cause believe me I tried to go up the stage but was stopped by a BOUNCER saying, "AYAW LAGE MA'AM!" I know! It's crazy but NEVER MIND! IDGAF! hahahahaha.

That would be all. I am working on the videos now and will share excerpts from the concert. I believe I recorded everything. Lol!