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Monday, July 4, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day (and in-betweens) || Gold lippies + Pearls + Sweater wearin' ♥

I had the chance to stay at home last Sunday since my work for the weekend was scheduled on a Saturday. After shift, I decided to drop by Ayala mall to buy some stuff. When it was time for us (my sister and I) to go, we realized that it was raining CATS and DOGS again! JUST GREAT! So we went back and ended buying more unecessary stuff. 

LILAC HAIR. I dyed the tips of my hair lilac last May and still had some dye left. I remember all about it when I decided to open the Daiso paper bag. I bought a battery operated nail dryer and stuff needed for dyeing the hair like plastic gloves, plastic ear cuffs, shower cap and disposable coloring cap an a plastic brush. An then the rest is history! I think I need to buy a couple of tubes to dye the entire hair lilac and for touch ups, too.
Took this hours after dyeing my hair via snapchat using everybody's favorite filter.  ♥ 

OOTD, The weather was still bad. It rained heavily the past few days and I am feeling a little sick. So to feel less sick, I decided to wear pants and a sweater.

THE SWEATER. This is a thrifted item which I got for 50 php ($1). I like this because it's made of cotton, it has pearls and the gold lip cut-outs made this look very unique.
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