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Friday, July 1, 2016

♥ #dolledupqueenonYOUTUBE || Achieving Pink- Red Gradient or Ombre Lips ♥


I think we all know what gradient and ombre means. And this make-up trend has been considered to be one of the best looks to try on. But I finally found the best definition.

GRADIENT OR OMBRE LIPS is like a soft bloom of color from the center of the mouth, which helps emphasize the eyes as a bonus. The end result is a coquettishly innocent and surprisingly flattering look. (ORIGINAL MEANING FOUND HERE.)

This is my favorite now and have been sporting this for weeks already. So here's how I do it.

First, wipe your lips off using a tissue. This step is done to remove lipstick (if you have already applied) or even oil from food. This will definitely help make the color pop.

Apply any loose powder on your lips to achieve a super matte effect. This also help your lipsticks from unwanted smears. I used fashion 21's loose powder. i forgot the shade but it's the darkest shade.

Apply the powder on your lips in a patting motion.

Apply concealer or coverstick on the outer corners of the lips. This will help define the gradient or ombre lips that you want. I used Wet'n'Wild's coverstick.

Line your upper inner lip with lipstick. Any darker or brighter will do.

Do the same on the inner lower lip.

NO LIPBRUSHES? NO PROBLEM! Just do the classical technique of blending your lipstick by pressing your upper and lower lip.

It should look like this. 

And VOILA. You have that awesome GRADIENT OR OMBRE LIPS.

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