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Saturday, July 16, 2016

#dolledupqueenonYOUTUBE || I am BORED AF!

This is not a make-up tutorial. I was just BORED AF after I arrived home on a Saturday night after my 10- hour shift. I decided to put make-up on and record it to test how my ring light works.



Thursday, July 7, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || Cut-out shoulders + Peplum ♥

Wearing jeans for the second time this week. I never really liked it but there are days where I feel like wearing them and I feel AWESOME! And this is one of those days.

STRIPES. Horizontal striped patterns never flattered me but I love wearing them eventhough they make me look wider. But today, I have discovered that if you wear striped tops, skirts or dresses appropriately, you'll be surprised how it can add oomph to your overall look.

Here I paired my acid wash skinny jeans with a cut-out shoulders, peplum top with blue and white stripes. The portion of my shoulders peeping created the illusion of slimmer arms and the peplum design made my waist look slimmer despite the horizontal lines.

SKINNY JEANS. Wearing a pair of skinny jeans has been really tricky for someone with a pear-shaped body like me. And more often than not, it UNFLATTERS me and SHAMESme even if no one really does that literally. So for girls with pear-shaped body like me, wear your skinnny jeans with a pair of wedges, platforms or stilletos. Choose a pair of skinny jeans that doesn't rest on your ankle. Rather choose something that goes longer from there to create the illusion of longer legs. NEVER MATCH YOUR SKINNIES WITH DARK COLORED SHOES. I REPEAT, NEVER MATCH YOUR SKINNIES WITH DARK COLORED SHOES!

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. 
For I have learned that the greater part 
of our misery or unhappiness 
is determined not by our circumstance
 but by our disposition.
-Martha Washington

 ♥ Queen Fit of the Day Details ♥

Cutout shoulders, peplum top - THRIFTED for 35 php only
Skinny jeans - THRIFTED for 180 php
White wedges - Shop somewhere downtown | GOOD QUALITY for 560 php
White sunnies - Simply Kwiniekate shop for 100 php
Feather necklace - GIFT from my student | Arigatou Gozaimasu! ♥
PHOTO CREDITS to my friend Joevie ♥

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || Bell sleeves + Denim Skater Skirt ♥

I'm twirling my skirt because... Mid-week. Holiday. DOUBLE PAY. Yay! Omg! Isn't that awesome?

How's your holiday people? I'm here stuck at work waiting for calls, writing this blog entry and watching "METEOR GARDEN". I knooooooow. Yes, I am multitasking and at the same time doing an ultimate throwback. Who doesn't love this Asian drama, right?

Anyways, going back to the main reason of this entry. I am glad that it didn't rain today. I have actually ran out of stuff to wear for the cold or rainy season. And I am just so excited I get to wear skirts again without freezing my legs.

Yesterday I posted about how I loved bell sleeves (and you can find post here). And now they are actually making a big comeback. It's classic! Never goes out of style and you can even find countless ways to dress it up with. Credits to my sister Princess again for taking these today. She's become better and better at taking my ootd shots.

♥ Queen Fit of the Day Details ♥
Bell sleeves top - THRIFTED
Denim Skater Skirt - THRIFTED
Sling bag - FROM MOM
Nude creepers- So fab!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || Bell sleeves and Denims ♥

The sun finally is out! I know it's only temporary but at least. We need a little sunshine and it's a pretty good time to take snaps of today's coordinate at work.

I've always loved vertical stripes with subtle hues. It makes your look sophisticated and cute without even trying. And I love bell sleeves, too. I remember sometime in highschool, this became so popular that Britney and J.lo would wear long bell sleeves and I watch them in awe. My  mom loved this trend, too. She thought that wearing it during that time didn't match my age but it didn't stop me. I wish I never gave them away.

 Queen Fit of the Day Details
Bell sleeves blouse - THRIFTED
Acid Wash Denim Skirt - THRIFTED
Nude Creepers - So Fab!

Photo by: Princess (my sister)
Crochet details in between sleeves  ♥

"i hope one day
i can write the words
that explain you,
so that if ever you
feel any less than
you can read the truth."

- daniel walsh

Monday, July 4, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day (and in-betweens) || Gold lippies + Pearls + Sweater wearin' ♥

I had the chance to stay at home last Sunday since my work for the weekend was scheduled on a Saturday. After shift, I decided to drop by Ayala mall to buy some stuff. When it was time for us (my sister and I) to go, we realized that it was raining CATS and DOGS again! JUST GREAT! So we went back and ended buying more unecessary stuff. 

LILAC HAIR. I dyed the tips of my hair lilac last May and still had some dye left. I remember all about it when I decided to open the Daiso paper bag. I bought a battery operated nail dryer and stuff needed for dyeing the hair like plastic gloves, plastic ear cuffs, shower cap and disposable coloring cap an a plastic brush. An then the rest is history! I think I need to buy a couple of tubes to dye the entire hair lilac and for touch ups, too.
Took this hours after dyeing my hair via snapchat using everybody's favorite filter.  ♥ 

OOTD, The weather was still bad. It rained heavily the past few days and I am feeling a little sick. So to feel less sick, I decided to wear pants and a sweater.

THE SWEATER. This is a thrifted item which I got for 50 php ($1). I like this because it's made of cotton, it has pearls and the gold lip cut-outs made this look very unique.

Friday, July 1, 2016

♥ #dolledupqueenonYOUTUBE || Achieving Pink- Red Gradient or Ombre Lips ♥


I think we all know what gradient and ombre means. And this make-up trend has been considered to be one of the best looks to try on. But I finally found the best definition.

GRADIENT OR OMBRE LIPS is like a soft bloom of color from the center of the mouth, which helps emphasize the eyes as a bonus. The end result is a coquettishly innocent and surprisingly flattering look. (ORIGINAL MEANING FOUND HERE.)

This is my favorite now and have been sporting this for weeks already. So here's how I do it.

First, wipe your lips off using a tissue. This step is done to remove lipstick (if you have already applied) or even oil from food. This will definitely help make the color pop.

Apply any loose powder on your lips to achieve a super matte effect. This also help your lipsticks from unwanted smears. I used fashion 21's loose powder. i forgot the shade but it's the darkest shade.

Apply the powder on your lips in a patting motion.

Apply concealer or coverstick on the outer corners of the lips. This will help define the gradient or ombre lips that you want. I used Wet'n'Wild's coverstick.

Line your upper inner lip with lipstick. Any darker or brighter will do.

Do the same on the inner lower lip.

NO LIPBRUSHES? NO PROBLEM! Just do the classical technique of blending your lipstick by pressing your upper and lower lip.

It should look like this. 

And VOILA. You have that awesome GRADIENT OR OMBRE LIPS.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥