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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || LAZY DRESSING ♥

There are days where you just couldn't figure out what to wear no matter how long you stare at your clothes. YOU CAN'T DECIDE. Or maybe because it's MONDAY and I'm feeling sick. Who doesn't get sick on Mondays, right? LOL

I am not really the "JEANS" type of girl. It will never be my perfect go-to-piece-of-clothing. I just think that it doesn't flatter my pear- shaped body well. But yeah, for today I decided to wear these just because. 

Queen Fit of the Day consists of a 35 php v-neck shirt, 180 php acid washed skinny jeans and a pair of pink sneakers from FILA. The outfit was really casual so I decided to crimp my hair for the mermaid hair effect.

I never looked good wearing shirts and jeans and sneakers but today I'm feeling them. ♥

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