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Monday, June 27, 2016

#dolledupqueenCAPTURES || Random things and spots in my Lola's home ♥

I went to my hometown last Sunday for my uncle's funeral and after that spent some time in my grandparents' home. My grandparents' home is not the modern type. But I like  that it didn't undergo so much change despite the fact that it was roofless when the super typhoon HAIYAN struck the town.

In this entry I am sharing random things and spots I found in my grandparents' home which I think is a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER. 

ABUHAN, the area where meals are cooked through stoves made out of clay, make fire out of corncobs, dried twigs. old newspapers. I know that burning is not good for the environment but that's how it was in the past and is still practised in my hometown.

CLAY POTS where the INON-ONAN (fish stew)  is cooked.

Used corncubs to hold or support hot pots after they are used. HOW INNOVATIVE!

In order to make fire, you have to blow 'til you drop. Nice one bro.

Cooking INSTANT PANCIT CANTON is a pain in the ass. Imagine going all through the blowing, supplying corncubs, pushing twigs to maintain the heat.

 A vacant spot in the dirty kitchen where logs are stocked.

Old and broken stuff but remained in this spot. How long have you been in there? 

 My grandparents maintain a small CORN MILL and this is used to grind corn kernels.


And more SACKS of CORN.

 On the lower right corner you'll see a wooden cage used to house chickens. And that gate leads to the backyard with an awesome view of the SUNSET.

 Two WOODEN HOUSES with nothing but farming stuff.

I don't know why a plant has to be in three-layered pot.

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