Thursday, June 2, 2016


Dear Mr. W,

Three years ago, before I met you online, my heart was still in a broken healing state. It was so hard to be in a relationship again. Not because I have forgotten how to love but because I have lost all the trust that I had for any male human being alive. It was so hard to look at someone when all I could think of were the lies and the broken promises of my epic fail past.

Then I met you and you swept me off my feet with just one "HEY!" Everything changed. After that message I visited your profile and while I was reading what you had written, I felt like I've known you already. I felt the honesty and sincerity of every detail you wrote. And you're kinda cute, too! I wrote you back just to tell you I was leaving the site and left my skype ids. And the rest is history.

People may not understand what we have. People may not fully understand that what we had online was something real. But I don't care. We never cared! All I know is I feel giddy when your name pops up on skype or in line. God, I love talking to you.

And to make the long story short, many people might not know but I'd have to say the best decision I've ever made so far was to marry you. Thank you for giving me your last name.

I love you. Infinity plus one. Times six. Grab a calculator because that's a lot!


Mrs. W.


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