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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || Against the White Walls ♥

The weather is really crazy these days. You either sleep or wake up with the rain which pitter-pattered on your rooftop. Or wake up as early as 6 am with your neck heavily soaked in sweat. How gross! I know. But is there anything that I can do? The weather is really bipolar. And not only that, it even affects my choice of clothing. 

For today's #QueenFitoftheDay I decided to wear a short houndstooth print skater dress which I got from a thrift shop for just 180 pesos. It 's sleeveless so it's safe. Since I'm headed to work, I decided to wear it with a cardigan just in case it rain cats and dogs. The office is airconditioned too so this might help me get snuggled up. 

And you know what's a really safe and effective choice in times like this? Wearing platform or wedges is the safer choice! You get to protect yourself from dirty muddy water and at the same time it gives your ootd a whole new level of dash!

I realized that it's never a good idea to use a camera with a wide angle lens to take your ootd up close. It made me look wider! :p

When your eyebrows are on fleek, you just have to take a selfie! ♥

Okay. Time to work now. How about you? How was your Saturday?

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