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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Islas Tres Rosas ♥

The third and final destination is an islet called Tres Marias. Well, that's what they said. But when we arrived in the island I saw this and I realized that TRES ISLAS ROSAS is prolly the real name of this huge rock islet. I don't know why some called this Tres marias. But I noticed something while we were there. There were actually two smaller islets near this. There was a small-sized islet in the far end, medium-sized islet in the middle and this which is large enough to accommodate tourists. I think that's the reason behind the name TRES MARIAS or ISLAS TRES ROSAS.

Look at that azure sky ♥

The water is so inviting. I wanted to jump but I am not sure how deep or shallow the water is. It looks shallow to me though but I don't want to have any form of injury.  ♥

I like these trees.  ♥

Here it goes again. To jump or not to jump?  ♥

My bikini top was nude in color and it matched my skintone now. This photo made me look like I was barenaked.  Lol!  ♥

Where's my tail though?  ♥

This is a perfect spot to take instagram(genic) shots and of course to get a good tan.  ♥


Trash plus masks and snorkels

The waves were crazy that day. I had to plug my earphones, sit still and listen to some tropical house music to appear less nervous. At the back of my mind I keep on telling myself: "What is the waves turn this pumpboat upside down? Scary... 
Look at the waves. . . Scary!

Angry skies as well.

Waves came crashing. OMG! I had to go back after the first attempt... And everybody were shouting "waaaaaaaah!". But when I managed to cross that slippery wooden ladder, everybody cheered... I was stunned!
Well, that was a very challenging way to end our island hopping spree. I guess this will be my last beach trip this summer since the rainy season is giving us hints that she's on her way. I am happy with how burnt my skin is. I might make a separate post summarizing all the fun and beachscapades I've had. How about you? How was your summer? Let me know by commenting it on the box below.  
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