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Monday, May 9, 2016

Bongo Bongo Divers Hostel in Dauin ♥

Are you the type of wanderer who prefers to stay in a cozy place without killing your budget? Well, I am. I hate spending too much for something especially when it comes to places to rest or sleep on. When I wander, I don't usually stay in the hotel or hostel or whatever. I spend it outdoors a lot and explore what the place has to offer me, my lens, my instagram and facebook feed. I want people to (cyber) travel in their homes when they couldn't find a place to go to. CHAR! 

I went to Dumaguete for a birthday trip and a friend recommended that we stay in Bongo bongo which is in Dauin. Bongo bongo is more like a guesthouse where you can find tourists coming from different parts in the world. They offer scuba diving courses, too. I think the best thing it offers aside form the affordable room rates is the genuine friendship they show to everyone. NO DISCRIMATION, JUST PURE LOVE. ♥

You can check room rates here.
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What I love about this place is the homey feel. ♥

View of our room and the shower and toilet which is shared with the other guest. I didn't have the chance to take photos od their shower room. But it's pretty inside. ♥

While we were there, construction was on-going since they added more rooms. ♥

The equipment area. ♥

Found this hanging in the kitchen. You can cook there and can even put your food in the fridge which is shared by other guests. There is a public market nearby. Once you get a room, you'll have unlimited water, coffee, tea and WI-FI for free. ♥

Woke up and decided to chill in their HAMMOCK HOUSE, If you want, you can even sleep here at night and enjoy listening to feel good reggae beats.


You can find these inside Bongo bongo divers. ♥


Another good point about Bongo bongo is that it's just located near the beach. It's so near that it only takes you 2-3 minutes. Dauin's beach is not like the other beaches. Its sand is brown in color but it's still as fine as sugar- JUST LIKE A BROWN SUGAR!

This is Baloo, the dog in Bongo bongo with aloha spirit. He kept on following us and he's harmless. I'm really scared of dogs but I find this one a good fella. ♥

Before I end my entry all about Dumaguete, let me give you a run through of my expenses.

100 - taxi fare to South bus terminal
175 x 2- bus fare to and from Santander
62 x 2 - ferry to Dumaguete port
200 - motorcab rental fee (600/3)
135 - breakfast
333 - room (1000/3)
500 (per head) - habal- habal going to Casaroro falls - Baslay Hot Spring - Bongo bongo
150 - dinner 
20 - motorcab to Zambianguita
500 (per head) -  pumpboat going to Apo Island good for 4 pax
100 - environmental fee
200 - lunch per head (total of 3 people) which includes a platter of rice which is too much for three,           half a kilogram of chicken adobo, 4 equally sliced parts of friend fish
600- pasalubong (optional)
200 - dinner at Sans Rival
50 - motorcab fare

TOTAL: 3560

I guess that ends my entry. Always remember, they don't have to know what you DIDN'T spend.
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