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Friday, May 13, 2016

Bongan Island | Northern Sandbar ♥

I visited this island in 2012 with my friends and a year a later (2013) I came back to bask under the sun and enjoy the soothing waves. And to my surprise, it's still as lovely as before. The tide was partially high (almost going low) when we arrived. 

Bongan Island or the Northern sandbar is an uninhabited island with a long stretch of white refined sand.

How to get there?
According to Manong Pangkoi, the boatman of the boat we always rent for island hopping activities said that it'd cost 8000. YES! You read it right. The boat going there would cost that much but on a lighter note it could accommodate 30-40 people. So guys. if you could gather 40 people the you'd only have to pay ₱200 each. In my case, I got invited by a friend to her hometown which is in Calituban in Bohol so I needn't pay anything. Thanks, Nic! ♥

Spot the pup amongst the sea of clouds. Arf! arf! ♥

There were no other people in this island. Just me and my friends. Enjoy and take as many instagram worthy photos as you can. ♥

Humongous starfishes lined up ♥

L-R: Me. Monica and Febr

Copying "EGG GIRLS" of Japan pose and swimwear plus the snapback and dipdyed hair ♥

 Chocolate Chip Starfish || Protoreaster species

The sunset ♥

Ending this entry with a feet selfie ♥

I can't wait to go back to this paradise once again this August. How's your summer guys? ♥

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