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Monday, May 9, 2016

Baslay Hot Spring, Dauin ♥

After chasing Casaroro falls in Valencia, we moved to the next and final destination of the day whch is the Baslay Hot Spring in Dauin. The sprimg contains sulfur which is known to have some good health benefits: boosts blood circulation, reduces stress, promotes sleep, reduces stress, promotes sleep, relieves pain, NATURALLY! and solves skin problems.

The photo above shows the man made pool of the hot spring which is made for the visitors' convenience.

On our way up to the spring with Archie, our tour guide.
I just climbed up and down Casaroro. NOT AGAIN! It takes 15 minutes one way.

You will know from afar that it is made of sulfur because of the smell. And when you see this, NO NEED TO ASK FURTHER because it is pretty obvious!
Water flows from here and the aroma is really strong.
Thank you heart sunnies for covering up my eyebags and tired face. You made me look less awful! hahahaha. Ending the day with a good dip for 30 minutes was the best. I was able to relax and calm my body and my aching legs.

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