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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Baring, Olango Island ♥



After two weeks, here I am again with another bunch of people with ALOHA SPIRITS. We're up for an island hopping spree in Pandanon island, Nalusuan island and Islas Tres Rosas.


Olango wasn't really a part of our destination but we needed more stuff like water, ice and (raw) rice so the boatman suggested that we head to Olango. When we arrived there we were fronting a residential area of the island. 

While waiting for the boatmen to comeback and bring th additional studd we needed, we posed for some snaps.

This boy is trying to hand me a jellyfish.

There were so many jellyfishes spotted in the island and by far the biggest I've seen that day ♥


I felt happy upon seeing these kids. They are so simple and knows exactly what real happiness is. They had a good time splashing and swimming here. And that's one of the many differences between children in the city and in the island or the countryside. The interaction a kid gets during play is the most important thing. Don't you agree? ♥

Ending this entry with a short video of a jellyfish spotted in this island.
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