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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Aloha vibes only at Kalanggaman island ♥

 From Malapascua island, we had to sail for a couple of hours to Kalanggaman island.Once we got on board, I realized there were more people on this trip than what I expected. There were Japanese, Koreans, Malaysians and even local tourists which summed up to 20 people and 5 more boat crews.

My friends and I decided to sit on the font most par of the boat to get a good TAN ( but SUNBURN in my case!)
The water is so clear!

Eyebrows and lashes on fleek ♥

Goodbye island life for now ♥
Let the warm glow of the setting sun kiss life's hurts away.
So to finally end my post about my weekend in Malapascua (post here DAY 1, Lighthouse and Private Beach, Sunset, DAY 2) and Kalanggaman island, below is a summary of expenses per head.

95 php - taxi fare to North bus terminal
200 - v-hire to Maya, Daanbantayan
50 - snacks
100 - pumpboat to Malapascua
20 - flat boat (needed when the tide is low)
340 - room ( total amount divided to 5 people)
200 - brunch for day 1
20 - halo- halo
70 -motorcycle to the lighthouse back and forth
? dinner - I skipped the meal 'cause I was sick 
135 -  breakfast and coffee
900 - boat and lunch to kalanggaman island
100 - pumpboat to Maya
200 - CERES Bus back to the city
50 - snacks
100 - taxi

It all summed up to 2580. It's pretty cheap and we had so much fun. Always remember, they don't have to know what you DIDN'T spend. 

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