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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || Color Blocking: Green X Violet

I've always loved dressing up. I am not the baby tee, jeans and sneakers kind of babe. I really hate that! Comfort is always the key when it comes to me. And wearing doll skirts, even on casual days is a BIG YES FOR ME! I have really big legs although most of my friends say it's okay. Or maybe I am just not comfortable with my legs that's why I hate clothes that would hug and emphasize them.
So this entry was from my chictopia account and I posted this sometime in 2012. You can cast your votes  here.  

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Queen Fit of the Day || Pastel Pink Babydoll Dress X Earth Tones ❤

I love babydoll dresses. I mean, who wouldn't when it gives you the glam that you need on normal lazy days or even when you needed to go to a formal event. I like how versatile babydoll dresses are as long as you accessorize it right.

For work on a gloomy Thursday, I decided to wear this pink babydoll dress I got last year from a thrift shop for a hundred peso only. It's button down and sleeveless plus the collar gives that Chinese-y feel.

I decided to pair this dress with brown gladiator sandals which I got last year from Natasha. It's pretty cheap (680 pesos) and it looks really fashionable plus super comfy. I even matched the sandals with a brown Burberry bag from mama. Oh yes! The Burberry bag may look worn-out but it's authentic yo! For my accessories I wanted to keep it plain and simple. A necklace won't work since the dress' collar is too close to the neck. I just donned 2 shell bracelets and a CAITE watch (which is a Japanese brand) in a neutral tone to still draw the focus on the dress. I got bangs, too! What do you think about this look? 

Photo credits: Joevie


Monday, May 23, 2016

The dolled-up QUEEN's Budget Barbie series

I love clothes. I love shoes. I love FASHION! But I hate spending too much for something that I'd only wear once, twice or even thrice. I'd rather be spendalicious on food and local travels. I love cheap clothing! What's wrong with buying cheap ones when I only get to wear them a few times. Oh yes! The quality might be compromised but never my style.

What is style?
style stīl/ is a noun which means:
  1. 1.
    a manner of doing something.
  2. 2.
    a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

Distinctive meaning unique. Fashion should involve your personal style. It might involve the latest trends but there will always be one thing about your whole look that will make people say ''IT'S YOU!"

I like pretty clothes. I like wearing pinks, whites, rainbow, neon, florals, stripes and even plain. It doesn't really matter! I like wearing gyaru-ish clothes or ulzzang like clothes çause I believe they reflect the style that I really want- CUTE, FEMININE, SOPHISTICATED.

Where to shop? I love buying clothes at the mall and even online. They're beautiful but I just don't like how pricey they are plus they are mass produced. Imagine wearing a floral dress, get inside a restaurant and see a lady wearing that same exact dress hugging or hanging loose on your body. The worst part is SHE LOOKS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER than you. Now that's FASHION SUICIDE!

In my case, I really like wearing unique and one-of-a-kind clothes where people don't just give me a look but break their necks. I go THRIFT SHOPPING. Duh! UKAY-UKAY! hahahahaha :p If you wanna know what it is, better go and google it yourself. Oh! I almost forgot, I love ransacking my mom's closet. There are so may GREAT FINDS!

There was a time when really huge white sunnies became a fad.  I like wearing them and I just love the bumble bee effect they give. This pair gives the whole look an extra oomph! The dress is actually an ankle length dress which I got from my mom. I had it altered 'cause I wanted to wear something that'll give me a dolly-ish look and feel. The shoes is from my mom, too. It's quite high yet very comfy. I can walk around in these pair the whole day. The plastic bangles I wore were from my collection way back in highschool. Retro accessories made a comeback and I thought I needed to have the bangle in every color. <3 font="">

The dress, shoes and the bag are all from my momm, too! I told you there are so many great finds in your mom's closet. That's if she's into clothes and fashion.

Denim vest from my sister || Black top from a thrift shop || Floral skirt from a mall bazaar in 2003 (worn up to 2010|) || Shoes from mom 

The clear specs with black frame became a fad in 2009-2010

Fedora hat fom a nazaar || Blue dress from a thrift shop || Black ankle boots from 

These photos are memorable to me. this was take in 2010 when I had the chance to go on a working staycation for 3 weeks at Intosan Resort in Danao. My friends and I were bored one Saturday afternoon adn we decided to have a funshoot. These are two of the many snaps we had that day.

 Taken in my pink room wearing a doll dress I got from an thrift shop. My shoes are from a thrift shop, too!

 This was also taken during the working staycation. Top is from a Department store, short from an online shop which I cannot remember, belts from Genevieve Gozum and wedges from a deaprtment store.

 When I posted this on facebook and Chictopia, I captioned thi "LA GRETA"because of the top which is also from my mom. And the shoes, too!

In the Philippines, there's no autumn or winter. But thanks to the wet or the rainy season I get the chance of wearing something like this! Sweatshirt for the sweater weather, a jumper dress, pantyhose with a criss cross design and a pair of flat oxfords. 

How about you how do you dress up without compromising your style? It doesn't have to be expensive. Always remember: They don't have to know what you didn't spend. <3 font="">

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Islas Tres Rosas ♥

The third and final destination is an islet called Tres Marias. Well, that's what they said. But when we arrived in the island I saw this and I realized that TRES ISLAS ROSAS is prolly the real name of this huge rock islet. I don't know why some called this Tres marias. But I noticed something while we were there. There were actually two smaller islets near this. There was a small-sized islet in the far end, medium-sized islet in the middle and this which is large enough to accommodate tourists. I think that's the reason behind the name TRES MARIAS or ISLAS TRES ROSAS.

Look at that azure sky ♥

The water is so inviting. I wanted to jump but I am not sure how deep or shallow the water is. It looks shallow to me though but I don't want to have any form of injury.  ♥

I like these trees.  ♥

Here it goes again. To jump or not to jump?  ♥

My bikini top was nude in color and it matched my skintone now. This photo made me look like I was barenaked.  Lol!  ♥

Where's my tail though?  ♥

This is a perfect spot to take instagram(genic) shots and of course to get a good tan.  ♥


Trash plus masks and snorkels

The waves were crazy that day. I had to plug my earphones, sit still and listen to some tropical house music to appear less nervous. At the back of my mind I keep on telling myself: "What is the waves turn this pumpboat upside down? Scary... 
Look at the waves. . . Scary!

Angry skies as well.

Waves came crashing. OMG! I had to go back after the first attempt... And everybody were shouting "waaaaaaaah!". But when I managed to cross that slippery wooden ladder, everybody cheered... I was stunned!
Well, that was a very challenging way to end our island hopping spree. I guess this will be my last beach trip this summer since the rainy season is giving us hints that she's on her way. I am happy with how burnt my skin is. I might make a separate post summarizing all the fun and beachscapades I've had. How about you? How was your summer? Let me know by commenting it on the box below.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nalusuan Island: A Marine Sanctuary ♥

Nalusuan island, our second destination happens to be a marine ans fish sanctuary just like Gilutungan island. You can easily identify the island through it's long wooden bridge.


According to some, NALUSUAN ISLAND was derived from the Visayan/ Cebuano term "LUSU" which means PENIS in English. Lol! In the past, some sailors went around Cebu particularly around Mactan and found this beautiful island paradise. which was uninhabited. The water was so inviting (which I agree!) and they opted to swim. They didn't bring any swimwear with them o they decided to go skinny dipping. The fishermen in the nearby island spotted the foreigners and that's how the name of the island came to birth. So that basically means NALUSUAN ISLAND is synonymous to PENIS ISLAND... hahaha
This is the wooden bridge I was telling you about. It's beautiful, isn't it? 
Since our island hopping spree was in a weekend, the isladn was jampacked with local tourists. 

Mermaids take SHELLfies, too! 
♡ Crochet bikini from Shopper's Haven || Brown sequined bottoms from Chiyen shop 

"What are you going to do with all that dark?" 
"Find a way to glow in it."
-Amanda Torini 

Blue starfish (Linckia laevigata)

Lablab and I feeding the fishes. But where are they? Lol!

With Lablab and Maggy 
I kinda like this humungous sunnies. Makes my face look tiny... Hahaha

The girls and boys from QQ 
We stayed here for an hour and 30 minutes (I guess!) and then we decided to head to our final destination of the day Tres Rosas Marias which is just 10-15 minutes away. Have you seen our travel video yet? You can watch it here ♥ Pandanon Island || Nalusuan Island || Islas Tres Rosas ♥

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pandanon Island ♥

Pandanon island of Bohol is such a paradise and it's a no brainer that foreign and local tourists would consider this place as an option to relax and unwind. How can you not when the sky is painted with the perfect shade of blue, a long stretch of white sand and clear calm waters. It takes 80 minutes to travel by boat from Cebu and 30 minutes from Bohol according to my research.

Our boat is approaching the island.
I think boatmen deserves some credit with the kind of work that they do. It's not easy to maneuver this long wooden pole and carry the weight of the entire boat. Kudos! 

The beach is calling and I must go 

My students were asking me to play volleyball with them but my apologies, I have broken up with any kind of sports since I was in 5th grade. I had a very minor accident and was traumatized! :p

With students Shohei and maggy and friend Lablab 

Then again, is there any way you'd say no this? 

I don't know what I was smiling about. I was prolly being a good actress here for the sake of instagram and this blog. 

Uni (oo-nee) is the Japanese name for the edible part of the Sea Urchin.

Unis are sold for a thousand pesos per piece in Japan whilst in this island you'd only pay 300 pesos for everything.
Inviting, isn't it?


Can you see how dark my skin is now? Not complaining though. I'm enjoying it.