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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Camiguin Island: The Sunken Cemetery ♥

When I was younger, I have dreamt of visiting this place. I've never been to my hometown not until I was 11 years old. I remember watching this Filipino film  where one of the scenes was shot in this place. And I recall saying this to myself  "I wanna swim in the sunken cemetery,too."

When I saw the big cross in the midst, I was like "WOW!" I was so excited that I immediately hopped in the bangka and go there. I also thought of jumping into the waters to see the graves underneath. But unfortunately, the tour guide told me that I won't be able to see anything anymore because when the corals started growing, it covered the graves. But on a lighter note, I felt happy 'cause this became a new home for fishes.

Unlike the other beaches in the country, the shore has really black fine glittery sand. The tour guide told me those were the ashes from the last volcanic eruption.

 photo 0bfebb90-538e-47f6-b0ac-06f3eaab5456.jpg
 photo fbc39eff-b3c6-4f19-9674-72ccc3e5aa93.jpg
 photo 761d3ca7-6987-4897-ac28-ed6746d6e013.jpg

 photo cfe5f4e1-6811-4dfb-a4c0-cb3ea46437b9.jpg  photo 474a536d-ef0a-4be4-9e13-eba93d3ebff7.jpg

Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but memories and footprints."
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