Sunday, January 31, 2016

Songs and Links

* Color song/ Rainbow song: *

* Goodbye Song *

*You are my sunshine*

* Schoolbag song *

*Preposition Song*

*Hello SOng*

* Welcome back to school song *

* Good Mornig Song *

*What's your name song*

*Days of the week*

*Friendship song*

 * Farm Animal Song *

* 'Who's this and Who's that? Song *

(*) What's your name song? (*)

(*) Fruit song (*)




the colors of the light on the left top have different means,green means wait for calls, yellow lights when they change state to away,also lights when they reject the call,also when they accept the call before enter the class.  blue lights when they are in class.   if the light is not green for too long , teacher could change her state to away and then change back to online.  for example if teacher accept the call the light changes to yellow, but after 30 seconds, the student is not in class, she can change the state and change back.  other wise, they may be locked that can not received the calls for long time.


Sunday, January 10, 2016

DAY 1 || 01.10.16 : Bubby is here! ♥

When bubby told me that he has already purchased airline tickets I was so excited that I had to set my countdown timer on. It started with 62 days 'til bubby and finally that day came.

I woke up really early. Actually, I didn't sleep a wink. I haven't seen bubby for 16 months and then OMG! He arrived at 5:45 am and though I left the house really early, I didn't get there on time. I was 30 minutes late because there were 3 marathons that day! WTH! But anyways, I saw the shining and shimmering glory of  Bubby's head... Hahahahaha

We couldn't check in at the hotel yet so bubby and I had to leave our bags at the hotel and went to IT park to eat breakfast.

He wanted spaghetti freom Jollibee that day. How can I say no? So there you go.

Had some drinks at Starbucks and camwhored a little.


Strawberry red velvet mocha || Chestnut white chocolate truffle
Free drinks. 

Shopping for some shirts at H & M Ayala.

Someone finally dozed off.

Sleeping selfie with bubby.

Took a couple of photos of the sunset sky while he was asleep.

Waiting for thh movie to finish and head out to eat. 


Saturday, January 2, 2016

2/366: SEAS the day ♥

Second day here at my hometown. My family and I headed to the beach which is just a drive away. It was a bit disappointing though 'cause when we arrived, the tide was low. 

The view was a fusion of a desert sea or a sea desert (whichever works!)

 I thought that it was going to rain but then this lovely rainbow appeared. I wonder if there is really a pot of gold at both ends of the rainbow. I must see t for myself!

Sky above our heads,
Sand beneath our feet,

Life is good!