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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pizza Republic | Caffe Dara

Last Thursday I went out with my students Yuki and Kaori. We decided to eat out for dinner since Yuki is going back to Japan soon.

For last thursday's Queen Fit of the Day, I decided to wear a cropped top with gingham prints paired with faded CK tattered shorts which I got from a thrift store. I decided to put this on hoping that it'll help me control my crazy appetite. But what can I do? I really have a good eatng mouth. LOL! :P

 I went out with two equally tiny ladies whom I thought doesn't eat as much as I do. Yes! We devoured onr ten-inch pizza each. Trust me. onl;y two small slices were left. Hahahaha 

I thought we'd end with eating numerous slices of D.I.Y PIZZA. But then Yuki decided to try Pizza Republic's ice cream. She ordered one in Pistachio. It's so noms! 

Look at these two girls enjoying every spoonful of ice cream. 

Before leaving the place, KAori decided to write our names on the wall. The resto has a FREEDOM WALL and you can write whatever you want.

Just when I thought the eating spree was over, the girls decided to have some coffee. So I suggested that we go to this small Korean coffee shop just a few steps from Pizza Republic - CAFFE DARA.

It's small and cozy. It's a perfect place to chill and chat with friends or even with your special someone. ♥.♥

OMG! Unbelieveable! They had a bowl of ramen  after our ICED COFFEES were served.

Coffee selfie. I ordered MACHA LATTE and it was so good!

I will definitely visit this place again and won't just order coffee but EAT!

This is only my second to visit to dine at Pizza Republic. The first time was with my husband and you can view that post here.

Ending this entry with on more photo of us. Toodles! :*

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