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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pizza Republic | Caffe Dara

Last Thursday I went out with my students Yuki and Kaori. We decided to eat out for dinner since Yuki is going back to Japan soon.

For last thursday's Queen Fit of the Day, I decided to wear a cropped top with gingham prints paired with faded CK tattered shorts which I got from a thrift store. I decided to put this on hoping that it'll help me control my crazy appetite. But what can I do? I really have a good eatng mouth. LOL! :P

 I went out with two equally tiny ladies whom I thought doesn't eat as much as I do. Yes! We devoured onr ten-inch pizza each. Trust me. onl;y two small slices were left. Hahahaha 

I thought we'd end with eating numerous slices of D.I.Y PIZZA. But then Yuki decided to try Pizza Republic's ice cream. She ordered one in Pistachio. It's so noms! 

Look at these two girls enjoying every spoonful of ice cream. 

Before leaving the place, KAori decided to write our names on the wall. The resto has a FREEDOM WALL and you can write whatever you want.

Just when I thought the eating spree was over, the girls decided to have some coffee. So I suggested that we go to this small Korean coffee shop just a few steps from Pizza Republic - CAFFE DARA.

It's small and cozy. It's a perfect place to chill and chat with friends or even with your special someone. ♥.♥

OMG! Unbelieveable! They had a bowl of ramen  after our ICED COFFEES were served.

Coffee selfie. I ordered MACHA LATTE and it was so good!

I will definitely visit this place again and won't just order coffee but EAT!

This is only my second to visit to dine at Pizza Republic. The first time was with my husband and you can view that post here.

Ending this entry with on more photo of us. Toodles! :*

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Are you up for a Trick or a Treat?

These are a few of my favorite photos from 2013's Trick or Treat Costume Contest.

You can view more photos from my personal facebook account here.

Friday, October 23, 2015


In the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental located 9.4 kilometers west of Dumaguete City lies the beautiful Casaroro Falls considered to be the most photographed waterfall in the entire Negros province.
Casaroro Falls is lodged deep into the rock crevices of the rugged Valencia mountains. With an astounding height of 100 feet, the water plunges into a deep cold basin before it flows down to a stream. The waterfall is considerably narrow, instead of the usual wide cascade, but this is precisely what makes Casaroro unique. Though despite its narrowness, the volume of water that drops is heavy and causes a roar as it touches the pool. Around the basin are natural boulders huge enough to rest any traveler’s weary feet. Details here

According to our tour guide Archie  who happens to be our personal (habal-habal) driver, a bridge was already built to help lessen the burden of tourists who aren't into trekking and going through big boulders of rocks. But then, the place was badly affected by a natural calamity and it contributed to the complete destruction of the bridge as seen on the photo on the left.

The entire area has quite a number of long bamboo trees.

The place is not only blessed with good natural resources and sights to visit. They are also blessed with fruits like lanzones (left) and rambutan (right) which you can buy for 30-40 pesos per kilo which depends of course on how good your haggling skill is. In our case, we got lucky having been given a bag full of rambutan by two men who just finished harvested.

Snaps of the falls which served as our background.

The journey going to Casaroro falls was really tiring. Imagine 335 steps guys. I may have stopped and paused more than what is necessary, was exhausted and had really painful legs for three days. But seeing this beauty is worth the hardships we went through.

Before finally ending this entry, you can check my previous post about Dumaguete here.


Monday, October 19, 2015


Location: Santander Port || Dumaguete Boulevard || Bongo Bongo Divers || Dauin Beach || Casaroro Falls || Baslay Twin Hot Spring || Apo Island

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Negros Oriental's highly urbanized city | Dumaguete City

After a week-long of anticipation, finally I conquered Dumaguete City. The moment I got off the fast craft I told Margot (the Parisian) that "I am in love with the place and that I wanna live here!"

So how did we arrive in Duma? We left the for the South Bus Terminal at 1 am to catch the 2:30 a.m. bus going to Santander. When we arrived, the bus was halfway full of people and by 1:30 a.m. we left. I think the trip going to Santander's port was kinda long. We arrived the port at 5:30 a.m and witnessed the marvelous sunrise. I was also surprised on how clear the water was at the port. It was so clear that I could see a variety of fishes swimming and I think I saw a purplish iridescent sea snake.

When we arrived Dauin, we were too hungry to go anywhere. So first things first . We headed to Cat's Acacia Cafe and had our breakfast there. They have a lot of food to choose from and the prices won't hurt your budget. Price ranges from 30- 350. They serve Filipino breakfast, American Breakfast and steaks, as well. Oh boy! They have the best garlic rice. hahahha.. I am a rice-kind-of-girl and that made me mega happy. The owner of the resto, who was an American man living in the Philippines for years was so accommodating. And on our receipt he wrote "TRES GUAPAS". I'd like to believe it means THREE BEAUTIFUL LADIES. :)

Stuffed. Happy tumtum! I'll end this post here and stay tuned for more. I will write about my experience in Dauin, Valencia, Zamboanguita and Apo Island. 


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Summer in October | Lambug Beach Badian

I haven't been to the beach for a loooooooooooong time. The last time I had a really good dip was in May when I resigned from my previous job. For me, being on the beach is such a heaven. I was really hyped when that day finally came. Yay, beach! FINALLY!

The photo that you can see above is the 6 am sunrise taken on the bus' window seat. I was asleep during the trip but was awoken to this nature's beauty. 

We met up at 3 am but unfortunately we left waaaaay later than the agreed time. Sucks! When we arrived the bus terminal, the first trip going to Badian already departed. We had to wait for the next aircondiditoned bus since the Japs with me don't wanna take the airconditioned ones. We had to wait until 5:30 am.

Photo details (L-R): Lablab, Kazu and I at the terminal | Rode the tricycle to the public market to eat breakfast and buy more food for lunch | Breakfast~~~~~
This was what I ordered, a cup of rice and adobong lumayagan.

GRILLED BANGUS (milkfish) 
I never knew how to grill anything. I don't even know how to make fire for it. But I was so proud of myself 'cause I did it and the liked it!

 Beautiful rainbow on our way home.

 Badian's belfry

This was our ride during the trip and our chauffeur at the rightmost side. Thank you!

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October 3, 2015

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Czarina Andrea turned ONE ♥

Twelve months went by so fast. Our babydoll turned one and she continues to surprise us with things that she can do and how she learns things so quickly!