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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Temple of Leah ♥

Love. What is love? How would you define it? What is its best meaning? I don't know. Some say that love is being selfless. Others say that when the other person's happiness becomes your main concern then THAT IS LOVE.

But some people just don't leave it that way. They probably believe in the saying 

It's a cliché! I know...

But what would you do if the person you devote your love and affection for is gone?

Well, I know one who built a temple in honour of his loving wife. I do not know him personally but this temple has become a main attraction for tourists. And I am pretty sure that most of the Cebuanos living in the urban area knows him or his family.

It was raining horribly when we left and even when we arrived. But it's okay! We pushed through our plan RAIN OR SHINE!

Upon entering, each guest must pay 50 pesos and per group will be given this as a proof of payment (maybe!). And if you decide to have a photoshoot for weddings, pre-nup, debut etc., you'd have to pay 2500 pesos. 

Although the temple is not near its completion (not even halfway), guests would definitely enjoy and fall in love with it. With its Grecian design, the tall pillars... Breathtaking! ♥

I don't fancy rainy days. I despise it 'cause it lets you do almost nothing but lie lazily in your bed. But I think I have found a reason to like it. I can wear my pullovers and rain boots out. 

The stairs have pretty details. SO REGAL! I just wanna take them home... T.T

The golden statue in the middle is LEAH.

We wore different footsies- wedges, flats and floral rain boots. And our happy feet deserves a photo. 

For a clearer view ~~~

Kanji characters which I do not know. What do these characters mean, anyone?

By the way, how far are you willing to go in the name of love? Whether we build a temple dedicated to the one we love or not, it doesn't really matter. What counts the most is the thought why we are doing it. No matter how simple or how great that thing is, it should only boil down to the most powerful thing in the world- LOVE!

So, this post is too long. I'll end this with an EPIC FAIL JUMPSHOT. hahahaha~~~ I used  the timelapse mode to shoot this. Never mind!~~~ Just Hooray for today~ ♥

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