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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Eat, explore and enjoy ♥

Hello everyone! What a great way to start the weekend. I was really able to say T.G.I.F. since it was a holiday! Pardon my weird face! ^^

Yuka, Mana and I decided to go have lunch at a Korean restaurant today and have Samgyeopsal. It was their first time to try it. So while waiting for our food and side dishes to be served, I took a selfie. ^^

On the table you can see a stove, meat, kimchi (cabbage and raddish) chicken fillet, gyoza, etc. We started cooking 'cause we were all starving. I intentionally didn't eat breakfast for this! hahahaha~~

Kimchi jjigae, or kimchi soup was served too. It was extra spicy but it was really delish!

Location: Miga Korean Restaurant
After lunch, I asked them if they wanted to go to Sto. Niño and they both agreed. There was a nass going on and I was reprimanded with my clothes. We couldn't get in the church so I brought them to the candle lighting/ candle wishing area.

Magellan's cross

Inside Magellan's cross you can see ladies bringing a pack of candles with them. They dance while praying our petitions. 
I don't know what each color stands for but I am pretty sure they serve their own purpose.

We ended this short tour by attempting to get in the museum beside The Cathedral but we were too exhausted to go. I'm gonna go next time and will definitely share photos with you.

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