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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cebu celebrates Bon Odori Festival (PART II)

It's been a week since the Bon Odori Festival. I think I am hungover! And as I promised, here's my PART II.

Young kids and Japs leading the Bon Odori dance. I just love their colorful set-up on stage.

You can view it in full HERE

I guess we were thirsty after joining the dance. So it's time to have some refreshments.

So we were caught with three choices: Melon, Chocolate and Ube (taro).
I was never a big fan of anything ube- flavored but this time I did 'cause it was so tempting! And the best part of this yummy gulp-gulps is the price-  10 PESOS! 

I am a sucker for maki(s) and anything sushi- like. These were sold for 100 pesos. I am not sure how many pieces per order though.

Festivals don't mean anything without a cotton candy booth. Sad to say I never had the chance to get one 'cause the line was pretty long. *sniffs

Shrimp barbecue by Q-bay.

Do you wanna build a snowman? Oh wait! That's a snowman. That's OLAF!
And this happens to be my favorite character during th Cosplay competition because he is the only character I know. LOL! You can watch OLAF's skit here.

Aside from the food boooths and the oishi noms, there were stalls selling stuff like toys, bags, and more.

Bon Odori is not only about eating. You can enjoy by playing some games, too. 

So there's this kiddie game (and maybe for the young at heart, too) called YOYO FISHING. Yes, you read it right! YOYO FISHING.

YOYO FISHING is a traditional Japanese game that involves a pool of yoyo ballons or YOYO TSURIS. The yoyo balloon is filled with water, clipped and tied closed which is hung from an elastic string with a finger loop at the end.

The player must fish for the balloons with a use of a hook. The hook has a twisted paper string. As seen on Gwen (above) that's how the hook looks like. You have to make sure that the paper string won't get wet completely. If it does, the GAME IS OVER and you have to try again. Each game is worth 20 pesos.

Nope! I didn't win ('cause I didn't try!) nor did Gwen. But I guess the Jap guy saw how we wanted Gwen (and herself) to win, so he gave her this. And I just can't resist but take a picture! LOL!

Bon Odori was indeed a good experience, not just for me but for the whole Filipino- Japanese community. And I hope this would deepen the friendship between the two countries.

P.S: YES, that's the main reason why I came. The picture said it all. :p

Sayonara! :*

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