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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Photo Diary:How I spent my first day of being UNEMPLOYED!

First selfie for my first day of being unemployed.

Pichi-pichi hoarding 

Supermarket meals

Shawarma rice <3 font="">

Pink and white Frangipanis <3 font="">

White Frangipanis <3 font="">

The sunset

Brownies from cousin

Cooked hotdog omelette for breakfast the next day <3 font="">

Thursdays and Fridays were my weekends for TWO YEARS! I have missed family gatherings and important personal gatherings just because most of the happy moments are done or celebrated on WEEKENDS. Just sad! I have been absent from work a lot of times, but trust me, it's not enough! I even had to go to work on my birthday. YES! NO BIRTHDAY LEAVES! How I missed eating with my family on weekends... Going to church etc...

So for my first day of freeing myself (FINALLY!), I opted to EAT... a looooooooot! And took photos to summarize how my day went. 

I have another post coming right up... So stay tuned for it, dolls! 

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