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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Photo Diary: Kirk Beach Resort Agujo, Daanbantayan

Aloha Spirit required here.

 If you can't share it today,
and visit the beach  some other time.

 Dear Ocean,,

Thank you for making me tiny,



and salty

. . . all at once. 

 Starfish wishes.

And for the nth time, your rname on the sand.

 This is my happy place.
 Collect seashells.

 Breathe the salt air.

Queen Fit of the Day || RAISED BY MERMAIDS

** Queen Fit of the Day Details **

Statement tee | 120 pesos
Shorts | 50 pesos
Wedges | So FAB! (from Mother Doll)

My Mermaid hair and my improving skills with braiding.

With glitters on my blue ombre hair,

And scales slowly showing on my face,

With unending thirst of being in the sea,

My hair and my tan don't lie


haha... And in an instant, I became a poet. 

Pardon the awful quality of these photos. I used my phone to take this in low light.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Queen Fit of the Day || My 320 Peso Ensemble

** Queen Fit of the Day Details **

Top | thrifted 20 pesos 
Skirt | from a random bazaar 200 pesos
White Mandals | from a random stall at the Night Market Downtown 100 pesos

But always remember: They don't have to know what you DIDN'T spend.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Made It!: New York Sandwich


1 loaf of sliced bread
1 block of Cheese (I used EDEN cheese)
3 eggs
1 small pack of Bread Crumbs (seasoned)
Ham (any brand)
Sesame Oil

1. Slice the ham and cheese into long and thin pieces.
2. Cook the ham in low heat
3. Flatten the bread using a rolling pin.
4. Put cheese and ham on the bread.
5. Roll it.
6. Dip in the bowl with beaten egg.
7. Put bread crumbs.
8. Deep fry.




Photo Diary: Random Thursdays

My second Thursday since I quit my job. And Oh well! I spent it wisely. 

I had to leave home and eat lunch with mom and sis... Czarina was with us, too!

It was scorching hot in the afternoon. Mama, Princess (with Czarina) and I decided to go to the wasteland... I was really excited 'cause it's been a while...

I can't wait to wear these arm candies to the beach...

Oh Starfishes!

The chained accessories above were Mom's and mine. So adorbs!

There was a time I couldn't do anything. So, I decided to cook this! 


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Photo Diary: My weekend at Daanbantayan

Right now I still wish you were here, Lolo! 💕
By far, one of the best altars I've seen because it isn't overdone... And look at the angel's wings...
Bagay, Daanbantayan Cebu

Taken at my Lola's garage.

On the last weekend of May, my family and I decided to go to Daanbantayan. 

These were some of  the photos I took using an iPhone on our way to my hometown.

We left at 3:30 in the afternoon. Got stuck in traffic... feeling hot and hungry.

It was lovely to see two of my favorite things while on the road- SUNSET and the BEACH.