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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Camotes Island: Lake Danao

Last April 6, my friend (and fellow BRATINELLA) decided to go on a round trip to CAMOTES ISLAND. We left the city at 4;30 in the morning to Danao Port to catch the first trip which leaves at 6 in the morning. There were a lot of people lining up to buy the tickets. And I wasn't surprised at all. I already assumed that more visitors are heading t the island since the EASTER HOLIDAY is alredy over.


Travel time to CAMOTES takes THREE HOURS, so apart from CHILLING (watching the waves and listening to music) emjoying a WARM CUP OF COFFEE is a MUST!

Everything is just better with COFFEE...♥

LAKE DANAO has a pretty garden with a variety of flowers, too. And for a lady like me who loves flowers, HOW CAN I NOT HAVE A SELFIE TAKEN? ^^

MAJESTIC colours, isn't it? Sad to say, the other BRATINELLA cropped my other foot! :P

Took this using a GoPro. It was a fine Monday. Blessed with a very good weather  which is perf for taking photos. ♥

The 360° turn

My first KAYAK experience was SUPERB! I went kayaking with my friend. It was so good plus the price was pocket-friendly, too. I paid 50 pesos only for 30 minutes. Not bad! 

How to enjoy your COCONUT? Climb up the tree... :)

Timubo Cave 
* Had to pay 5 pesos for toll fee(?)
* Then paid 20 pesos for the entrance fee.

On my down Paraiso Cave. It's very lovely!
Had to pay 20 pesos for the entrance fee.

I had a very good dip down here. The water was so clear and so cold. 

THE SUNSET. Bye bye beautiful!

Had to end my post here. Look out for my next post about my day trip to Camotes Island.

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