Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just one of those random days ♥

My forever MAN CRUSH. 
And I will never ever trade you for anyone or anything else. ♥
I always imagine Bubby in this shirt. 
This was the same shirt he wore when he arrived in Cebu and when he proposed to me. 

My Engagement Story Click here 

Oh! Yes! I kinda have a sharp memory and remember every little detail. 

Eggs and whatever

Nachos, his forever favourite. 

One of the many LDR problems my hubby and I go through is not being able to share meals together. And to compensate, we send selfies and share photos of the meals that we had. That way, not being able to dine together would suck a little less. Here's what my husby had on his day off. ♥


 photo c873bfd6-3903-4aa7-b523-3b8d56547aad.jpg

 photo 46b5390a-b175-47d5-ae39-ae6f3b89428f.jpg
Hash browns and waffles

Just because Bubby couldn't resist. lol!
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