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Sunday, March 29, 2015

#dolledupqueenwanders || Esoy Spring: Canyoneering Experience ♥

How many of you would like to try something extreme like crossing hanging bridges and jump off from one cliff to another despite the strong current of the water? Many of you guys would probably do but not me. I guess I have the fear of heights.

CANYONEERING, also known as CANYONING is the sport of exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping.

My teammates and I decided to give this a try since everybody has been doing this and bragging about their experience in Facebook. After eating breakfast, we decided to start the activity.

Going up to the ESOY SPRING wasn't an easy ride. It's steep and lowered vehicles won't be able to manage going up there so we had to take a TRUCK (yes! a truck). It was fun riding the truck with my teammates and after 30 minutes (maybe!) we arrived. Our guide, who happens to be the owner informed as that we have to take our things and start going down to the cottages. We thought it was going to be an easy one but we were wrong. We had to hike down carrying all the heavy stuff with us- food, water, softdrinks, EVERYTHING!

When we arrived at our cottage one of the caretakers said that it might be impossible for us to do the activities because it rained the night before we arrived and the current is really strong. It is so strong that it turned the clear waters into light brown. No it's not dirty nor polluted! It's like mud washed out from a higher area and carried down to the spring. He even added that it might be dangerous, too. SO SAD! But we were all so delighted when the owner said that we'll wait until it's calmer and push through if not we'll just cancel and we don' have to pay anything! Luckily, everything was calmer and better. 

We were instructed to put on our life jackets for safety reasons. The staff and the owner even double checked to make sure it was locked and worn correctly. Then we moved!

We started off by crossing the hanging bridge to the other side. The green net which you can see above my head is the hanging bridge. WE CROSSED SAFELY!

Contemplating whether to jump or not.

Getting ready to jump in 3...2...1...

And so I did!

Well hello there photobomber. I did it and I felt awesome!

Everybody had a blast, too.

Climbed through the boulders of rocks.
Enjoyed the hot spring after the climbing and jumping.

We ended the activity at around 4:30 in the afternoon. On our way back to the resort we rode the truck again with the marvelous view of the pinkish-purplish-orange(y) sunset.

I will be uploading the raw unedited version of the video I took at Esoy Spring either here or in my youtube channel.
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