Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For The First Time ♥

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The day that we've been waiting for finally came!

I was very nervous waiting for him at the airport. Thoughts like him not showing up, or maybe longer flight delays... But I was positive!

I was relieved when I saw him! HAPPY. HAPPIER. HAPPIEST! 

 photo 1216.jpg
McDonalds. The place where we had our first meal together since we both love this fastfood.
The crew took a blurry photo though.

 photo 1233.jpg
Our First Breakfast Together

 photo 1236.jpg  photo 1235.jpg

Left: (HIS) omelet, pancakes and french toast
Right: (Mine) Chicken Turnover, cheese omelet and pancake
Don't be fooled. We ate a lot of food more than what is posted here. Lol! :p 

Right after eating out breaksfast, we headed to the American Consular Agency for an appointment. And in less than an hour, 45 minutes maybe, we got what we needed! 

More to come so keep posted!

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