Friday, February 13, 2015

365 Days ♥

February 14, 2014 was the day where it all began... And today, FEBRUARY 14, 2015, marks the 365th day of my story... Our story!

Before I started writing this Valentine's day tribute, I was going through photos and videos of your first visit. To be honest, up to this day, I couldn't believe all the good things happening especially with our relationship. ❤️💋

Know that I have loved you from the start, even before we saw each other face-to-face.

Bubby, thank you for everything...

Thank you for giving me your (BLIND) trust.

Thank you for booking airplane tickets which cost a thousand dollars and travelled 8000++ miles just to see me, be with me... SPEND TIME WITH me! 
Thank you for sharing every meal with me and for turning me into a whale 'cause I gained a lot of weight. Lol! 

Thank you for the goodbye kisses and "HEY, YOU'RE HOME! and HOW's WORK?" kisses you give me everytime I leave and come home from work...

Those kisses took my stress and worries away.

Thank you for letting me sleep everytime we watch movies.

Thank you for cuddling me.

Thank you for tucking me in.

Thank you for the " HEY BABY, YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL!" moments.

Thank you for waking me up in the morning, EARLY IN THE MORNING, just to enjoy the buffet breakfast. Never thought I'd enjoy and appreciate early mornings that much aside from spending it with family.

Thank you for tolerating my vanity and camwhore moments.

Thank you for telling me how you loved my FAKE BLONDE HAIR. And that you loved the huge bow clips on my head.... EVERYTHING! You never make me feel bad about myself! 

Thank you for taking SELFIES with me... Hahahaha
And most importantly, thank you for asking me to marry you infront of many people. And even without that DIAMOND RING and the fancy dinner, I'd still say YES! And marry you anyway... I should always believe and put my trust in you when you say "IT'S GOING TO BE PERFECT!" because it really is... Without a doubt! 
There's so much more though and words aren't enough to let the whole world know how happy I am to have you...

It's wrong to say that I AM LUCKY TO HAVE YOU... I guess it's more appropriate to say that I AM BEYOND BLESSED TO HAVE YOU... 😘



P.S: See you in a few months... I am really excited! 

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