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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Staycation at Agua Villa Resort

I could barely remember the last time I enjoyed a good time at the beach before November 1 and 2 holidays.The last time was prolly in April when I went to Sumilon island for a day trip and Lambug beach in Badian with my team. SIX MONTHS?!!! Wtf! That's a looooong time lah~~~

There were so many places suggested. And I swear all of them are just so BEAUTIFUL! And after two months or so of planning. Finally! I thought it would never push through. 

We had to leave so early in the morning to catch the first trip. I was so sleepy already but had to control it cos I got nowhere to lay myself to rest. FML! While waiting at the Bus Terminal, David and Ruth finally dozed off. 

Then came the time when we had to leave for the most anticipated FUN weekend.

Took a couple of snaps of the lovely sunrise.

More Sunrise photos HERE

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Spell HEAVY Pinoy breaky... Nomnomest!

Snaps from Agua Villa Resort.

Doesn't have white sand though, but this view alone KILLED IT!

The pool and the seas is pretty inviting, eh?~~~
Prepare your bikins lah~~~

The infinity pool at midnight. 

I love my MOJITOS! Yes, I do!
Hor hor hor~~~

Pretty wall decor.

Spot the HEART.♥
Beach essentials which I got from AVON. Effective hor!

Got 10,000 pesos? Go ahead and make your reservations for a superb overnight experience.

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