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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PAMPERED (Good Hairfie Diary) ♥

There's this expression I have heard not long that goes:


In my three years of sporting the yellow/bleached BLONDE hair, I have come to my senses and confirmed that this actually made some sense.

I (dyed) BLEACHED my hair in 2012 'cause I was hungry for some change. I have tried curly hair, Straight (rebonded hair) and all shades of brown or reddish brown. I woke up one day and just got bored seeing the same old girl in the mirror everytime I get NOT-SO-DOLLED-UP for work. Bleaching was such a BRAVE move. 

I have visited salons and even did my own root touch up... But this time, I was just so lazy and I desperately eant the roots and tips to look EVEN. 

I was heading to the usual salon I go to but then the traffic (jam) was horrible, and the taxi meter read 100++ pesos, Not wanting to spend more on cab fare, I decided to get off and found this salon. 

These two accommodating staff were touching up my DULL BLONDE ROOTS.

It was so painful. It was pricking! Gosh!But as they say " TIIS- GANDA." 


Tadaaaah!~~~ My hair's even from roots to tips.

Then I decided to have my hair permed. I know it's gonna take a long time based on the first two experiences I had. First, it took me 6 hours since I was only 12 and had a virgin hair. The second in 2011 where it took 4 hours before I got the MERMAID CURLS that I wanted. 

Decided to get the extra MANI-PEDI service 'cause I decided to have my hair permed TRADITIONALLY. I don't have a NAILFIE... Saree! Lol! The curlers and the smelly chemical. LOL!

I had to sit for like three hours to get the BOINK BOINK CURLS that I have imagined. I instructed the staff to set the curlers in an INWARD-OUTWARD motion to get the ENA MATSUMOTO effortless bouncy hair. BUT!  

I ended up having the same (not so) STRAIGHT hair I came in with. Should've permed it first then had it bleached. It doesn't even matter actually. That's what my google and wiki research is saying. Same goes with rebonding and colouring. Not really a good combination. 

Because when we do something with our hair, we introduce chemicals. And with chemicals I mean STRONG and DAMAGE causing chemicals. 

*** Color the Same Day as Perming

  • Although both perms and coloring damage hair to some degree, if you keep your locks healthy and well-moisturized there's no reason you can't dye hair soon after getting a perm. According to Clairol, non-permanent color can be applied the same day if the scalp isn't irritated from the chemical process of perming. Be careful, though; color will process faster after hair has been permed. ( Source here. )

*** Give Hair Some Time to Normalize

  • When you want to dye with permanent hair color, wait at least a week after getting a perm to do it, Good Housekeeping advises. Some hair color products suggest waiting at least two to three weeks after perming or relaxing your hair before coloring it. Clairol recommends shampooing at least once after the perm and before dyeing. Focus on restoring the moisture balance of hair through conditioner before coloring it. (Source here.)
I am sharing photos below of how my hair looked like after BLEACHING ♥.♥ + the (EPIC!) FAIL PERMING. >.<

 A few hours after salon visit.
Thursday ♥

Friday ♥

Saturday ♥
Matte Lippie here
Eyes here

 My attempt on the CHAIN BRAID. ^^

Sunday ♥



I am ending my HAIRfie with the last Pa- CUTE photo with PINK GINGHAM HEARTS. 

I intended to do a week HAIRfie Diary of my newly retouched roots courtesy of Salon de Shinjuku but opted to end this photo heavy entry here. 

Have a HAPPY HAIR DAY loves! 
Winks and Glitter kisses! ♥


So chio!~~~

K byers! ^^

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