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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baby's Day Out ♥

November 28 (PAY DAY)

I decided to take my fam out on a  dinner but only the girls were with me- Mama, My sisters and Princess and Baby Czari. Girls TGIF! ^^

It was Baby Czari's first time to go malling with us. And being an overly excited Aunt, I splurged on some Co-O's for the Czarinrin doll.

Bought Hello Kitty Top and ruffled undies in pink ; Mint/ White tutu dress that comes with a headpiece; Pink tutu skirt; White mittens; and sock booties that came in three colors- MINT, PURPLE and PINK.
I swear so cute lah~~~ I died! And my wallet, too. LOLOL!

Baby Czari was so tired DOING NOTHING... lolol! ^^

Then had JAP dinner at Tokyo Joe's. 

Shrimp/ Tonkatsu Bento


California Maki

Salmon Maki

Had some Mizuno bowl... WTF! Don't know what the spelling is... Didn't take pic 'coz so hungry hor~~~

Mom's before "taking a nom selfie" despite MEGA HUNGRY mode... Hor!

I had the coolest LEGO ride~~~ hor! ^^
This guy just photobombed my "PIMP MY RIDE SELFIE" >.<

Ending this post with these two photos taken on the same day.

South Road Properties

I posted a separate entry for my Co-o that day. 
Click the link ⇝ Afternoon Delight ♥
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