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Monday, November 3, 2014

Some people create their own storms...

There will always be two sides of the coin. The thing is, maybe, you have forgotten to flip the other side. Or maybe you are aware, that you have known, but you refuse to show it, to say it, because you want people to believe that you are the victim when in fact you aren't.

And how sad it is, that the world is so full of people who knows how to change stories. Or maybe, talk so much when the information that they have is so little. SHAME!

I think asking for favor is basic courtesy as well as asking for permission. It was taught at school during our primary years. Not unless of course you skipped that part or you slept in class when your Values or Homeroom teacher taught you that.


I was there. I woke up early in the morning and was not expecting to see you there at that time because as far as I know, you had to leave EARLY. I was there and even saw how the already messy living room was made MESSIER.  I even asked: Still here? I thought you needed to be there at.... Didn't continue and went on my way to the restroom. I WENT BACK TO SLEEP. I woke up at 10 or 11 and still saw you there. Puzzled. I went on and made myself a cup of not-so-warm coffee.


It was Thursday and I went to work to complete my 6 hours REST DAY OVERTIME (RDOT). When I got home, I ate dinner and was told of a not-so-minor-matter. It was so hard to reason out. And was CAUGHT IN BETWEEN. We just went on knowing that we would be facing days of endless and repeating incidence of SCOLDING.

Of course, confrontation was done. The thing is it was denied. So again, he had to go through the misery of endless ranting.

To make the long story short, what's important is that both parties admitted their fault. Not asking permission, lying and not confirming.

What's sad is that, those who were really involved (without a DOUBT) kept mum about the issue. While those who know SO LITTLE are the ones commenting. And to make matters worse, things might never be the same again. 

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