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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Fairies, small magical creatures. I have always loved them. Dainty. Cute. And glittery. I just love how they are dressed up not to mention the wings and the crowns or wreaths that they are adorned with. I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE IN LOVE WITH THE TOTAL PACKAGE. 

BEACH FAIRY, refers to a not-so-petite girl ( not at all. LOL! ) who is truly madly in love with the beach-ME! 

I get random comments when people see me without any make-up. But when I see myself without it, I still think... I am convinced that I AM STILL THE BEAUTIFUL ME.

Floral crowns. Heart sunnies. PINK and a lovely, messy, blonde BEACH HAIR. 

Oh yes! I am curvy. I am bottom heavy. AND I DON'T GIVE A FAQ! 
This was my ootd last friday and the best feature of my ensemble is NOT the outfit but my confidence. 

LOVE YOUR CURVES.Some people undertake workout regimen to get the body you've got NATURALLY. Or worst, go through the knife. 
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