Monday, October 27, 2014

The search is over (I hope... )

There was once a time when I thought of things like:
1 Will I still be able to trust (a man) again? >insert loooong sigh<
2 Will I ever find the sequel of my dying hope? 
3 Where's my prince-charming? (A king in this instance rather because aheeemmmmmm... Aheeeem... I AM A QUEEN(ie))
4 And lastly, is there someone out there who won't  my PERFECTLY GOOD HEART? 

I have dated some men. But I swear none of them made my HEART go BANG BANG BOOM!!! *insert drum rolls

But then, GOD knows the desires of my heart. And he is aware the I have the most sincere intentions.

Just recently, I have found the man who made my heart skip a beat. Or maybe he found me.


I never thought that I could easily get along with this man. We think alike! He is sweet. He is witty. He has good sense of humor. He is responsible. And..... Tantananaaaaan... 
HE LOVES ME! I am sure of that. 

He lives on the other side of the globe which is 8000+ miles away from the Philippines. Not to mention the 14 hours time difference! God! But we managed that because WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!!! 

We spend hours chatting, messaging and talking with each other through LINE ()and SKYPE (sucks!  

So sweet lah? ^_^

Talk about being the BEST huh???


And if you ask me today if the SEARCH IS OVER OR NOT. I'd confidently say YES, IT IS OVER!

And I can prove this from this day until INFINITY.  

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