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Saturday, October 18, 2014

♥Queen Fir of the Day || The Casual Little Black Dress♥

 One is never over or under- dressed with a 

- Karl Lagerfeld

This dress is a steal I got for only 150 pesos when I went thrift shopping. What I like about short dress is that they can also be used as a top. 

Way back summer of 2012 wearing cross necklaces became a fad. i really love how cool it looks like so I collected and even came to a point where I made some. 

Queen Fit of the Day Details: LBD (thrifted 150 php) || Beige cardigan (thrifted 150 php) || Fashion eyeglasses (50 php) || White braided belt (Genevieve Gozum) || Beige wedges from an online shop || Big white bag from mom || Layered cross necklace

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