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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

♥ October 1st ♥

Oh hello there BIRTH MONTH... =)

I am so glad you are finally here. But don't get me wrong +September. You have been so good to me. +Engagement. +Wedding. Need I Say more?

I will be turning 26 on the 18th of October. I tried to recall the months that passed as I lay in bed last night. Have I been good? Been naughty? Been nice? I really don't know. Maybe others won't think of me as such. But I am pretty sure of one thing- I STRIVE TO BE THE BEST! I may not be the best for the HYPOCRITE people surrounding me. But I know my FAMILY, MY HUSBAND and my TRUEST FRIENDS think so.
As to what's in store for me for the coming months, I DON'T KNOW! All I know is I will continue to be better for the people who matter the most.
Gliiter kisses! ♥
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