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Monday, October 13, 2014

Queen Fit of the Day || DREARY ♥


:causing unhappiness or sad feelings : not warm, not cheerful”

ooohhhhhhhhhhhh! Them lashes so natural lah.... :)

Do I look sexy hor?..

The soul fortunately has an interpreter, often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter- THE EYE.

Are you able to notice the pretty lilac streaks in my hair? So lah right?

OOTD : Thrifted top and skirt 
Braided belt from a local clothes shop
**Photos are taken with Iphone

There's nothing CHIO about this post. My meet-up got cancelled and I decided to camwhore so my OOTD won't go to waste. 

I really love wearing maxi skirts. In my humble opinion, this is the piece of clothing that will save you from your bad OOTD days. You can pick a maxi skirt with the loudest print and simply pair it with a white v-neck shirt plus flats.

The maxi skirt I am wearing in the photo above is a combi of light denim and cute prints at the bottom. It's such a cheap buy for 150 php (more or less $3). Do I look lah? ^.^


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