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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I was never born skinny or a size ZERO. I never fit SMALL SIZES. I don't even wear SWIMWEAR that exposes my ANACONDA LEGS. 

I know! I know!

They pinch my arms because they say it's cute... It's tight! And even when I stare at them devilish(ly), they WON'T STOP or KEEP QUIET! WHAT THE FUCK! 

What if I do that to you? I won't say you are fat. But what if I tell you that you look like an alien(?), that you have awful legs, awful everything!!!! What would you do? I'm sure you won't be able to take any of it. And I am pretty sure you'll go running to your mama and CRY!

bitch please!

Do you even think before you speak? Do you even filter your words before they come out of your mouth? I bet you do NOT!

  1. adroitness and SENSITIVITY in dealing with others or with difficult issues.

Have you ever encountered that word?

I'll take it this way:
* * * insert SARCASM

1.Consider yourself lucky because you were gifted with a slim, unflattering figure.

2.Consider yourself lucky that you have manly appetite but never gain anything

3.Consider yourself lucky that you can flaunt your skinny arms carelessly everytime you wear sleeveless shirts or everytime you expose your legs with a METER THIGH GAP whenever you wear your PEK-PEK shorts! Sexy NOT!

It's no biggie really but when you do it again and again, it's annoying. 

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